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Request a Camp Photobook

Submit the form to get added to the queue!


As soon as we get confirmation that your photobook is ready for creation, you will get an email with follow up steps! 

Please prepare to have two pictures of each person you would like to add to the photobook. The first photo should reflect the youngest age they were at camp and the second photo should reflect the oldest age they were at camp. This will help us with accurate facial recognition. 


A special thank you to Alison Puketza for making these memory keepers that you will receive! 

Camp Photobooks take between 2-3 weeks to produce once we are ready to create it! Check your email for updates about your requested photobook. If you do not see anything check your spam.

How it works!

Step 1. Fill out the request form so that we can add you to the queue
Step 2. Once we confirm we are ready to make your photobook, send us two photos of each camper or adult that you would like added to the photobook 
Step 3. We will use facial recognition in our bank of thousands of photos from the last 26 years to find YOUR people
Step 4. We will contact you with the next steps for ordering your book 
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