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About Us

What is
Hope for Kids?


At Hope for Kids, we are changing children’s lives by connecting kids from widely different backgrounds with each other, with caring and consistent mentors, and with nature’s miracles. Since 1992, a group of dedicated individuals has banded together to build community and inspire the lives of all youth – not by keeping them separate, but by bringing them together each summer in a beautiful 88-acre camp facility in Pennsylvania. More than 15,000 kids have built lasting friendships, memories and a vibrant spiritual community at Hope for Kids over the past 24 years.

What We Do

Camp Hope for Kids brings children between the ages of 8 to 18 to overnight camp for as short as a week and for as long as three months. Younger kids enjoy camp programs, such as R Camp, while teens have several special camping programs to choose from. Held in nature’s outdoor classroom, the emphasis is on teaching Christian values, leadership skills, teamwork, and learning to become environmental stewards and promote environmental sustainability. Campers build strong, life-changing relationships with counselors and mentors who are teens and adults dedicated to helping each child reach his or her full potential.


Through the use of summer sports and activities, as well as a detailed curriculum on the environment, the campers learn teamwork and respect: for themselves, for others, and for the environment. Perhaps most importantly, the camping programs for children and teens bring together 500 kids every week – 2500 each summer – from widely different circumstances. Children arrive from many different places: the inner city neighborhoods of Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York and other cities; programs for autistic children run by Valley Forge Educational Services; middle and upper-class homes from all over the U.S., and many countries around the world. Many attendees return year after year to enjoy sports, arts and crafts, talent shows, rock climbing, and other fun activities that build lasting friendships and memories that will remain with them forever.

Our Values

Hope for Kids teaches the values and traditions of the Christian faith. While we are faith-based, we are not faith-biased. Our emphasis is on providing all attendees with the opportunity to live in a safe, vibrant, culturally diverse and accepting community that we hope will cultivate future leaders and responsible citizens. Our goal is to build community and teach the values of serving, hard work, initiative, creativity, responsibility, and perseverance.


Mentoring is an important component of all our camp programs. College-age and adult counselors work closely with all our campers to model values and leadership skills. Frequently, individuals who have for years come as a camper, transition into counselor-in-training roles as teens (affectionately called The Crew), and counselor roles as they reach college age, hoping to share what they have learned with the next generation of campers.


Faith and friendship strengthen all who come to Hope for Kids. At a time in their lives when children may have little exposure to Jesus – or think faith is not “cool” – the camp establishes a foundation for life-long friendships and makes faith fun and attractive to kids. Our counselors offer campers heroes in the faith who are hip and courageous. Camp can become a catalyst to initiate Bible studies with teens and establish spiritual disciplines in prayer, fellowship and discipleship.

Who Are We
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  • Where is the Hope for Kids Camp located?
    129 Yerger Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473 From Philadelphia: Take 76-W and take exit 327-328A-328B for US-202 W toward US-422 W/King of Prussia/W Chester/Pottstown. Take exit 328A on the left to merge onto US-422 W toward Pottstown. Take 422-W and exit at Limerick merging onto N Lewis Rd. At the Wawa gas station /dead end, take a right at W Ridge Pike and an immediate left at the next light onto Swamp Pike. Drive approximately 1.2 miles and take a right at Neiffer Rd., then drive 2.2 miles and take a right at Yerger Rd.
  • How do I register my child(ren) for camp?
    You can access the link to register for all programs on both the HOME and REGISTER tab on the website menu. On those pages, click the program specific register buttons to be directed to the right portal. For registration information for any other program, visit that program's page under the PROGRAMS tab on the menu, or by clicking more information buttons on the main page.
  • What programs do you all offer and who are they for?
    Great question! We broke our programs by age group for you. AGE: 7-10 R Camp (Ages 7-13) Camp Miracles - (Starting at 9 years old) Special Week of Camp -(Starting at 8 years old) AGE: 12-18 Teen Camp - (7th to 12th grade) Special Week of Camp - Performing Arts Camp - (Starting at 11 years old) Sports Camp -(Starting at 12 years old) MATURE PROGRAMS (Service & Leadership Programs) Leadership Academy (HFKLA) - (Ages: 16-22) Hope Youth Corp - (Ages: 15-23) Campstock Worship Track - (Ages: All, but geared for mature participants) Chance of a Lifetime: (Ages: 20-29) Full Time Staff: An opportunity to come work at camp all summer and help oversee all the ins-and-outs of the season. The applications features specific jobs and roles, and runs anywhere from 10-13 weeks of commitment. This year's application has already closed. (Ages: Available Starting at 18)
  • What should I pack (and NOT pack) for camp?
    Necessities: Bible, notebook, pen, sheets & blankets or a sleeping bag, pillow, 2 towels, toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.), water bottle, bug spray, sunscreen, bathing suit (one-piece for girls)/swim shorts (NO COTTON: if your child wishes to wear a shirt or shorts in the pool, it cannot be cotton; it must be swim material), lots of shorts (not shorter than mid-thigh length), lots of t-shirts, lots of socks & undergarments, sports bra (for girls), 2 pairs of sneakers (in case one pair gets wet), long pants, sweatshirt or jacket (it can be cold at night), rainwear, flashlight, and a laundry bag. For R Camp: 1 can of non-menthol shaving cream for the shaving cream fight. Optional Items: Fan, camera (not phone camera), alarm clock, batteries, stamps/self-addressed stamped envelopes, paper & pen. Please Do Not Bring: ANY ELECTRONICS, including tablets, iPods/MP3 players or any type of radio, video games, televisions, computers, or cell phones! Also, no magazines, food, candy, or pets. (No candy or food is allowed in the cabins. Animals are attracted to food!) Please note that anything your child brings which we perceive as inappropriate for camp will be held in the office until the end of the week. Camp Hope for Kids is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Medications: All medications (even over-the-counter meds) MUST be turned in to the Camp Nurses during check-in. Your child will visit the infirmary to get their medications. If you have questions about medications, please email Susan Hanon,
  • What is the Dress Code and Code of Conduct?
    At Hope for Kids we are dedicated to providing an excellent summer camp experience for all. To accomplish this goal, everyone is expected to behave appropriately and promote a safe, fun and healthy environment. We ask that ALL who come to the HFK property read and sign if they agree to this code. DRESS CODE We want to build relationships and not rules, so our guidelines are quite simple. 1) We ask for ALL (regardless of age or gender) to wear clothes that cover the THREE B’s: Bottoms, Breasts/Chests, Bellies. For example, yoga pants/shorts we ask for long, loose-fitting shirts that sufficiently cover the bottom and with shorts we ask for mid-thigh length; For muscle shirts to have appropriate cut outs on the side that do not reveal the chest 2) For the pool, we ask that girls wear a one piece or two piece swimsuit (that covers the belly and bottom) and NON COTTON shorts (if the swimsuit does not cover the bottom well), and for the boys, swim trunks and NON COTTON shirts. Dri-fit shirts and athletic shorts are welcome. Dress Code Enforcement At HFK we will strive to enforce the dress code while maintaining personal dignity. By enforcing the dress code, we are not making any comments about an individual’s personal modesty, but are simply seeking to build the overall camp culture and will strive for the enforcement to be as gentle and non-shaming as possible. With that end in mind, each person on property will be expected to abide by the dress code. Download full code of conduct here
  • What if my child has food allergies or sensitivities?
    For those children who have diagnosed food allergies or sensitivities, you are welcome to bring food for them that will be stored in the Allergy Kitchen. Each week we will have Allergy Kitchen volunteers at check-in to talk to you about your child’s allergies/sensitivities. Please feel free to contact John Buys, Food Services, at with any allergy-related questions.
  • What time should we arrive at camp with our child(ren)?
    Check-in for ALL camps begins at 3pm. If you arrive before 3pm, you will have to wait.
  • When do we need to pick our child(ren) up from camp?
    Parents need to arrive on Saturday morning by 10am. The closing program will run 1 hour. Campers are formally dismissed after the closing ceremony ends.
  • What if there is an EMERGENCY and I need to get in touch with my child(ren) at camp?
    Please call the Hope for Kids camp office number 610-287-6000.
  • Why can’t my child have a cell phone or electronics at camp?
    As much as we are able, we want to make camp a technology-free zone sot he kids are free to focus on each other and their time at camp. It is rare for our kids to be “unplugged,” and we know it is challenging for them, so please help us by keeping all their electronics at home! If there is an emergency, we will get in touch with you or you can reach us (see #6).
  • How do I complete my child’s paperwork for camp?
    You will need to use the link that is emailed to you from CampDoc when you register, or log back into CampDoc, to update the forms.
  • What is your church affiliation?
    Hope for Kids is a non-profit that was founded by HOPE worldwide. We are affiliated with the International Churches of Christ, also known as the ICOC. The ICOC churches serve an international community in over 150 countries, with members of all ages, ethnicities, and economic, social, and educational levels. Its members are committed, loving disciples of Christ using the Bible as their standard in their everyday lives You can find out more about the ICOC here its main website:
  • When I come to Volunteer, can I bring my dog/pet to camp?
    No, please do not ask to bring your dog or other pet to camp. You will need to find other accommodations for your pets. Thank you!
  • When is the last day I can register my child for a camp program?
    Camp registration will close if it gets filled or 1 week before camp starts. To find out the dates of camps, please see our home page
  • Can my kid stay over the Saturday between camps?
    Yes, We understand that some of you come a good distance to be at camp for the week, so we are happy to allow Volunteers and Campers to request to stay at camp on Saturday nights; however PLEASE BE COMPLETELY AWARE THAT OTHER PROGRAMS ARE STILL RUNNING AT CAMP AND THE HFK STAFF IF OFF DUTY SATURDAYS, SO: Hope for Kids does NOT provide lunch or dinner on Saturday night or breakfast on Sunday morning for campers or volunteers who stay over, so you will need to go off camp to get food. You will also need to go OFF camp to a local laundromat to do laundry. ANYONE UNDER 18 MUST have an ADULT at camp with them that will take FULL responsibility for them between camps. You will need to provide the adult's name and contact information. We will verify with them that they will be responsible for you. If you wish to stay at camp on the Saturday night before or after your week of camp, please complete the form using this link: 2023SATURDAYNIGHTHOUSINGREQUEST
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