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Below, you can see all of our program applications! The links will take you to the respective applications. If you want more information on any of the programs, please see the button below. Additionally, you can find a button linking to our volunteer page.

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Summer 2022 Calendar

Ministry Training Programs

 HFK will host 2 Ministry Training Programs on the Classic Skills of a Minister and Restoring & Remembering the Early Church. 

Campstock Worship Festival

CampStock Music Festival will be held June 17-18 and  will include powerful times of corporate worship in the small gym, lessons, songwriting workshops, campfire devotionals, and time to connect with people from all over! 

Hope Youth Corp

A two-week program for teens and campus students full of energy, zeal, and friendship building!

Leadership Academy

A 5 week program where students ages 16-22 learn to be more like Jesus as they receive invaluable leadership training while serving at Hope for Kids.

Performing Arts Camp

PAC was created for those students in 7th-12th grades who wish to use their talents to serve God. The Instructors at the PAC week are disciples “in the business” who teach the students how God can use their talents to glorify him.

R Camp

Spiritual camp for 3rd through 8th graders.

Teen Camp

This program serves our students in 7th - 12th grade in their spiritual walk.

Special Week of Camp

A five-day camp designed especially for the families of campers, ages 8-21, who may have social challenges and/or special needs.

Sports Camp

A sports conditioning camp created for those students in 7th-12th grades who wish to use their athletic talent to serve God with disciples that are professional or collegiate athletes as instructors.

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