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Camp Hope For Kids

Hope for Kids is an organization which has harnessed the compassion of staff and volunteers to foster environmental, character, health and leadership training in the youth camping experiences over the past 20 years.

Camp Hope for Kids is a place where lives are changed as we connect with one another and with nature’s miracles. We are committed to environmental education and developing a spirit of environmental stewardship in each of our campers as well as our staff through Camp Hope for Kids’ programs: R Camp and Teen Camp, Hope for Kids Leadership Academy, Performing Arts Camp, and Camp Miracles.


Below are descriptions of programs we assist and/or coordinate. If you have any further questions about how Hope for Kids is involved in any of these programs, please contact us.

R Camp and Teen Camp

Camp Hope for Kids provides week-long overnight summer camps for youth¬†ages 8-18 from the International Churches of Christ. R Camp is geared toward 3rd through 8th graders, while Teen Camp is focused on meeting the needs of students in 7th to 12th grades. Hope¬†for Kids provides the opportunity for these children to learn spiritual, emotional and character building values as nature’s miracles are explored. Daily activities include sports, arts and crafts, swimming, rock climbing, devotionals, and other fun-filled activities. Camp Miracles is¬†integrated into the activities throughout the summer, teaching unity and diversity to all children at Camp Hope for Kids.


Performing Arts Camp

Performing Arts Camp is a camp for performing artists in grades 7th-12th that promotes artistic and spiritual growth. The focus of the week is on inspiring campers to develop their talents with a spiritual perspective. The camp will provide an opportunity to develop friendships, mentoring relationships, confidence and leadership skills with professional instructors from Broadway, Metropolitan Opera, Alvin Alley, etc. Tracks are offered in acting, dance, vocals and film with instruction, classes, live performances and a corroborative film production. PAC is a week long camp experience with sports, recreation and waterfront activities included.

Hope for Kids Leadership Academy

Camp Hope for Kids hosts the HFK Leadership Academy. Students who are at least 16 years old and in good standing in their churches can apply. The cost for those selected will be $1500.

Each track includes:

  • One week of Campus Evangelism
  • Five¬†days of Ministry Training Academy
  • One week of ¬†leadership training and mentoring the under-served : at-risk youth or special needs students
  • Two weeks as a camp counselor or on the crew (serving as mentors and role models)

HOPE Youth Corps

HOPE Youth Corps (HYC) is a volunteer opportunity for high school and university students established in 1994. HYC participants become trainers and spend several weeks working with HOPE worldwide programs around the world, including several US cities. At Camp Hope for Kids, HYC participants serve as mentors for Camp Miracles (described below).

Camp Miracles

The summer program allows at-risk youth who participate in Saturday Academy (a program of HOPE worldwide developed to provide a safe environment on Saturday mornings for children in North Philadelphia) as well as those from Radnor, PA to interact with and be mentored by high school and college students. Over the years, we have witnessed countless friendships blossom between privileged and underprivileged youth as they develop skills together necessary for thriving adulthood.

Program participants, ages 8 to 18, are assigned to a student who works directly alongside them as a mentor throughout activities and lessons. Over time, we have watched our campers grow to become mentors, attend college, attain employment, and emerge as leaders in their own communities. We build community and provide a safe place.

Casey Morris, Youth Corps Coordinator

Casey Morris, Youth Corps Coordinator

"I love working with the kids and have learned what makes them happy and what frustrates them. CAMP MIRACLES gives them an opportunity to experience grass, trees, lakes, hiking, and wonderful friendships."...

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After School Education

After School Education

After school health and education programs are funded by the Department of Education, Ameri-Corps and your gifts. You can help support after school programs as well, giving children options to grow and learn in a safe environment....

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R-Camp is a week long overnight camp geared toward 3rd through 8th graders. Team building camp activities encourage character development and healthy relationships among peers from diverse backgrounds....

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