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Special Week of Camp


Special Week of Camp 

The Special Week of Camp is a week-long camp designed especially for the Families of children, ages 8-21, with developmental delays.  This week of camp is for children and young adults with diagnoses like autism, Down syndrome, mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.  The entire family comes to this week of camp and the parents and siblings get lessons specifically designed to meet their needs. Mentors volunteer to help with the campers during the day. The cost for a SWOC Camper is $395 (includes the $50 deposit) and $50 per family member who attends with the Camper. 

SWOC DATES for 2018: July 8-July 14, 2018


Information & Upcoming Events

2018 Camp Information

2018 Hope for Kids Program Dates:

Dates for R Camp, Teen Camp, Performing Arts & Special Week of Camp:

June 24-30: R Camp 1

July 1-5: Campus University**
July 8-14: PAC & SWOC
July 15-21: Teen Camp 1
July 22-28: R Camp 2
July 29- Aug 4: Teen Camp 2
Aug 5-11: R Camp 3

**NEW camp for Teen Disciples who are rising Jrs, Srs & 2018 HS Graduates focused on leadership and transition to Campus Ministry. Buses will leave from camp for ICMC in Cincinnati, OH.**

R Camp, Teen Camp & PAC Rates & Deadlines (rates include $50 deposit)

Dates R Camp Teen Camp
Early, Early Bird: December 1st, 2016-February 15, 2018 $445 $465 Church rates*
Early Bird: February 16-April 15, 2018 $495 $515
Rates:April 16-July 1* $545 $565 Reg closes*
Late: *After July 1 $595 $615

Latest News

Hope for Kids Leadership Academy

The 2018 Hope for Kids Leadership Academy Application will open on December 1, 2017!

The Hope for Kids Leadership Academy (HFKLA) is a 5 week intensive program where older teens & campus students learn to be more like Jesus as they receive invaluable leadership training while serving at Camp Hope for Kids . During the 5 weeks they participate in radical evangelism, leading bible discussions and bible studies on local campuses, attend a Ministry Training Academy, mentor an at-risk youth and counsel and/or crew for at least one week of camp. HFKLA is a spiritually focused program. There will be times of prayer, bible based devotionals, daily lessons and discipleship groups.  Participants attend worship services with members of the local Church of Christ.

Applicant Qualifications: Must be at least 16 years old (by June 1, 2018), must get a favorable recommendation from their local ministry leader and be committed to their local campus ministry, teen ministry and/or congregation to be accepted. Maximum age is 24.

The HFKLA application will open on Decemebr 1, 2017. The cost is $1500. Encourage Families/Students to apply EARLY, so they have plenty of time to fund raise the $1500!! 

Dates for 2018 HFKLA Tracks:

Track 1: June 2-July 5

Track 2: July 9-Aug 11. 


If you are looking for information about the Hope Youth Corps (a program run by Hope Worldwide that is held on the camp property) please go to : https://www.hopeww.org/what-is-hope-youth-corps

The dates for the Philadelphia tracks of HYC are:

HYC 1: June 23-July 5

HYC 2: July 21-August 3


2018 Performing Arts Camp

 2018 Dates for Performing Arts Camp : July 8-14, 2018

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR CAMPER (will open on Dec 1, 2017)

Performing Arts Camp

The Performing Arts Camp was created for those students in 6th-12th grades who wish to use their talents to serve God. The Instructors at the PAC week are disciples ‚Äúin the business‚ÄĚ who teach the students how God can use their talents to glorify him.


Early, Early Bird: December 1st, 2017-February 15, 2018
Early Bird: February 16-April 15
Regular Rates:April 16-July 1
To learn more about Performing Arts Camp visit us at
  website:             http://www.hfkperformingartscamp.com/
  Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=hope%20for%20kids%20performing%20arts%20camp
2016 Performing Arts Camp Video 




After School Education

After School Education

After school health and education programs are funded by the Department of Education, Ameri-Corps and your gifts. You can help support after school programs as well, giving children options to grow and learn in a safe environment....

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"My heart seemed to tear inside me as the tears streamed down my face as I set him in his crib for the last time. To be able to see first hand the needs in the world is sobering."...

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R-Camp is a week long overnight camp geared toward 3rd through 8th graders. Team building camp activities encourage character development and healthy relationships among peers from diverse backgrounds....

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Casey Morris, Youth Corps Coordinator

Casey Morris, Youth Corps Coordinator

"I love working with the kids and have learned what makes them happy and what frustrates them. CAMP MIRACLES gives them an opportunity to experience grass, trees, lakes, hiking, and wonderful friendships."...

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