Junior Volunteer Positions

Junior Volunteer Opportunities

Listed below are the volunteer positions for rising 8th-12th graders (13-18 year olds). Spots are limited and offered first-come, first-serve basis. We will do our best to honor your request for a certain position; however, we reserve the right to change your position if it is in the best interest of the camp.

Junior Counselor at R Camp (8 male & 8 female spots per week): You must be a disciple (of at least 6 months) and at least a rising high school sophomore (10th grade). You will be responsible for assisting your Lead Counselor in a cabin of 8 -10 campers. No previous experience is necessary; however, you must be a member in good standing in your church. Your references will be very important.

CREW¬†(10 Male & 10 Female per week): You must be 13-18 years old with strong recommendations. Your service in this position is what makes camp run! You will be serving ‚Äúbehind the scenes‚ÄĚ in many ways. On a rotating basis, you will help in the kitchen, on the grounds, and with the activities. You will have a Counselor and an Assistant living in your cabin.¬†To be a CREW volunteer, you MUST be enrolled in another session of Teen Camp (or HYC or HFKLA) and have paid in full.

PLEASE NOTE: Jr. Volunteers are limited to TWO weeks serving at camp and will NOT be automatically selected to volunteer for multiple weeks of camp. All Jr Volunteers will be evaluated each week that they serve and may or may not be approved to return.  Teens who are interested in being at camp for more than 2 weeks are encouraged to participate in the HFKLA!!! See the Hope for Kids Leadership Academy page for more information.

Junior Volunteer Fees:

The fee to serve at Camp as a CREW member or Junior Counselor is only $150!  At a mere $25 a day, this fee covers the cost of food for the week and 4 full-time staff dedicated to this group to ensure that they have a structured, spiritual and supervised week at camp.

IMPORTANT: Hope for Kids does NOT want these fees to prohibit ANYONE from volunteering at camp. If you need to discuss this, please contact Marcy Lindenmuth at hopeforkidsinfo@gmail. com.


The application to volunteer is open!

Hope for Kids Jr. Volunteer Instructions:

1. Complete the application online, following the JR. VOLUNTEER APPLICATION link below. Select the week of camp and the position.

2. Once your references have been checked, you will receive your acceptance email from Camp Hope for Kids.

3. Once all the steps above are completed, you will be contacted with confirmation of your volunteer position and week of camp.

4. Lastly, pay your volunteer fee ($150 for a Junior Volunteer) and submit your VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE FORM.


PLEASE NOTE: Jr. Volunteers may NOT stay at camp on the Saturday Night between camps without a Designated Responsible Adult (a parent type) who takes them off camp for meals and laundry and is completely responsible for them until they check in for the next week of camp.

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Casey Morris, Youth Corps Coordinator

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