Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find some of the frequently asked questions¬†about camp. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please email us at hopeforkidsinfo@gmail.com.


1. Where is Camp Hope for Kids located?

129 Yerger Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473 (Map)

2. How do I register my child(ren) for camp?

Click the REGISTER button on the home page.

3. What should I pack (and NOT pack) for camp?

Necessities:  Bible, notebook, pen, sheets & blankets or a sleeping bag, pillow, 2 towels, toiletries (shampoo, tooth brush & paste etc), water bottle, bug spray, sunscreen, bathing suit (one-piece for girls) & swim shorts (NOT COTTON)- if your child wishes to wear a shirt or shorts in the pool, it can NOT be COTTON-it must be swim material, lots of (no shorter than finger tip length) shorts, lots of t-shirts (no spaghetti strapped tank tops for girls or tank tops that have large arm holes or are too tight for guys), lots of socks & undergarments, jog bra (for girls) 2 pair of sneakers (in case one pair gets wet), long pants, sweatshirt or jacket (it can be cold at night), rain wear, flashlight, and a  laundry bag.  For R CAMP: 1 can of NON menthol shaving cream

Optional Items:  Fan, camera, alarm clock, batteries, stamps/self-addressed stamped envelopes, paper & pen. 

Please Do Not Bring:  ANY ELECTRONICS…including:  IPod, MP3 or any type of radio, video games, televisions, computers or cell phones! Also no magazines, food, candy or pets. NO CANDY or FOOD is allowed in the cabins. Animals are attracted to food! 

Please note that anything your child brings, which we perceive as inappropriate for camp, will be held in the office until the end of the week.  Camp Hope for Kids is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Medications: All medications (even over-the-counter meds) MUST be turned in to the Camp Nurses during check-in. Your child will visit the Infirmary to get their medications. If you have questions about medications, please email Marcy Lindenmuth at hopeforkidsinfo@gmail.com.

4. What time should we arrive at camp with our child(ren)? 

Check-in for ALL camps begins at 3pm. If you arrive before 3pm, you will have to wait.

5. When do we need to pick our child(ren) up from camp?

For ALL Camps there is a CLOSING program at 10am on Saturday. You will be able to take your child home as soon as the program is over.

 6. What if there is an EMERGENCY and I need to get in touch with my child(ren) at camp? 

If it is between 8am & 5pm call the Hope for Kids Camp office number 1-610-287-6000 first. If after hours, the Camp EMERGENCY phone number will be posted on the HOME page of the website for the summer. 

7. Why can’t my child have a cell phone or electronics at camp?

As much as we are able, we want to make camp a technology free zone, so the kids are free to focus on each other and their time at camp. It is rare for our kids to be “unplugged”, and we know it is challenging for them, so please help us, by keeping all their electronics at home! If there is an emergency, we will get in touch with you or you can reach us, see #6.¬†

8. How do I complete my child’s paperwork for camp?

Follow this link:  MY ACCOUNT . Once here, enter your email and password, then click the FORMS & DOCUMENTS icon.  Here you will find everything you need to complete for your child. All but the physical can be completed online. The Physical form needs to be printed and once completed by the doctor can be faxed to the number printed on it or mailed to the Hope for Kids Office, 129 Yerger Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473.

9. Do I have to send a PHYSICAL for my child?

You do NOT have to send a physical anymore. Please make sure your child’s Health History form is updated!

10.  What if my child has food allergies?

For those children who have diagnosed food allergies, you are welcome to bring food for them that will be stored in the Allergy Kitchen.¬†Each week we will have Allergy Kitchen volunteers at check-in to talk to you about your child’s allergies. Please feel free to contact Julie Brumley, Allergy Kitchen Manager, at julie@thebrumleys.com with any allergy related questions.

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